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Britain and Iran’s fraught history

Here’s a BBC online piece tracing the history of bad blood between Britain and Iran–


How We Got Here #3


Episode 3 is online. You can subscribe at iTunes or The World or listen here.  It’s a story I did for the radio show about the British experience in Afghanistan and its legacy and lessons. Also on today’s show, Ahmed Rashid and Clare Lockhart.

Paul Lauren

Paul Lauren helped me with yesterday’s story about the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. He is Regents Professor of history at the University of Montana in Missoula and the author of a book called The Evolution of International Human Rights.  I hadn’t heard of him or read him before but he’s a wonderful find.  He’s spent a lot of time with the papers of Eleanor Roosevelt and says she deserves all the credit she gets for her work on the Declaration. But there were others:

“If we were in France we would be talking about René Cassin, a legal scholar who played a very important role in this certainly in terms of drafting the language, a man by the way of John Humphrey who was a Canadian, who played a very important staff role in this, there were Chinese members on this commission, Lebanese members on this commission, all of whom have a legitimate claim of taking credit for the drafting of this Universal Declaration of Human Rights. ”

Yesterday’s story can be heard here.