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Aristide Returns

Reporter Amy Bracken was at the airport in Port-au-Prince when Aristide arrived home. Here’s her conversation with Lisa Mullins on  The World today. And here’s a little backgrounder I did on Aristide that followed and a longer conversation with Robert Fatton on The World’s history podcast is here.

How We Got Here #63 – Jean-Bertrand Aristide

This week’s history podcast is an interview with Robert Fatton of the University of Virginia looking back at Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s role in Haiti’s recent history and politics. I went to Haiti for the first time this year to do some reporting and have been trying to fill in some of the political context ever since. This interview is a good start for thinking about the life and times and impact of Aristide and what his return to Haiti might mean.

Konbit des Jeunes Penseurs/Gathering of Young Thinkers

My latest Haiti story is about a youth writing group in Port-au-Prince that formed after the earthquake last year. Each week these “young thinkers” get together to read Haitian literature, write their own poems and stories, and talk about their lives and their country’s future.  Here’s the story:


And here’s the group’s website:



Baby Doc Returns

Today’s radio piece:

Haiti One Year On

Here’s Wednesday’s story:

Haiti One Year On, January 12, 2011

Haiti’s reconstruction, one neighborhood at a time

Today’s radio piece about a partnership between Catholic Relief Services and one particular neighborhood in Port-au-Prince.

Body Collector

Here’s the first of my radio stories from Haiti–following a man who picks up the bodies of cholera victims: