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What next for Libya

A quick piece today about differences between Egypt and Libya:

More on Egypt

Here’s my Muslim Brotherhood piece from Monday with thoughts from Robert Malley, Jim Phillips, and Alison Pargeter, author of The Muslim Brotherhood: The Burden of Tradition.


Also,  a new history pod on women in Egypt with historian Mona Russell.  I’ve also tucked Lisa Mullins’ interview with Mike Rapport into that pod. Rapport wrote 1848: Year of Revolution and talks with Lisa about how today’s uprisings are resonant of Europe in 1848.

Egypt on How We Got Here

As promised, we’ve started rolling out history pods on Egypt–in the first one (Feb 2) I interview Michael Wahid Hanna of the Century Foundation about the historical context for Mubarak’s rule. In the second one (Feb 7), Lisa Mullins interviews Robert Springborg of the Naval Postgraduate School specifically about the Egyptian military and its place in the Egyptian state and it’s probable role in any transition. He squelches the notion that the military is somehow on the side of “the people.”  If you’re not familiar with my/The World’s history podcast, How We Got Here, here’s the HWGH webpage.