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The Trouble with the Congo

I interviewed political scientist (and former aid worker)  Severine Autesserre about her new book The Trouble with the Congo for How We Got Here #53. She’s done some really interesting work on violence in Congo and the failures of peacebuilding there.


Minerals and the DRC

More Congo coverage–this time the “resource curse.” Advocates were pleased with Clinton’s rhetoric now they want action on “conflict minerals.”

Today’s story on  PRI’s The World.



More reporting on the rape issue this time by the excellent Stephanie McCrummen of the Washington Post.

Back to work

There’s a new episode of my history podcast up at The World’s website. Check it out: Moscow in 1993, revisiting the Taliban, finding out who Curtis LeMay was.

Lots on my mind–more apparent drone attacks still have me thinking about how bombing works/doesn’t work. I took out a whole pile of library books on the history of bombing which I look forward to perusing. Yesterday’s Jeffrey Gettleman NYT/IHT piece on male rape victims in Congo jolted me back to that topic too. Adam Hochschild has an overview of the Congo situation in the latest issue of The New York Review of Books which I found really helpful. It’s not getting better. I’ve got lots of news to catch up on from two weeks-plus vacation including this CNN report from last week on nursing in Malawi by Christine Gorman.

Couple more Congo links

Lydia Polgreen in the NYT today on rebel leader Laurent Nkunda.

And for great info on the broader picture in the DRC check out this Human Rights Watch backgrounder and especially the recent and substantial and sobering HRW report: “We Will Crush You.”

Time to act in DR Congo

…is now says the head of U.N. Peacekeeping.  

U.N. News Centre.


The Guardian: Aged one to 90, the victims of hidden war against women

If  you’re not yet familiar with the extent of the rape crisis in eastern Congo this is well worth a read. I’d like to do and see more stories about what can and should be done to stop it.  Here’s another relevant post by Michael Kleinman at Chasing the Flame with lots of good links.