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Making radio for Mandela

It was a big push covering Mandela’s death on The World last week, especially as it meant building a whole new show from scratch starting just before 5 pm. Here’s a blog post I wrote for with a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at how we do what we do.

Show Producer’s Blog

Just to say I’m not using this page much right now but I am blogging at The World if you want to check out those posts. Thanks!

The Fear by Peter Godwin

Marco Werman interviewed Peter Godwin about his new book The Fear: Robert Mugabe and the Martyrdom of Zimbabwe today.  It’s a riveting conversation about a riveting book. I’ll put the longer unedited version on the history podcast as soon as I get a chance.

Here’s that long version I promised.

Richard Holbrooke

My piece today on what Holbrooke did and didn’t accomplish as Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan:

And here’s a piece from a 2008 series on “How Wars End” about Holbrooke and the Dayton Peace Accords for Bosnia.

And reminiscences from the press corps:

David Rohde Interview on PRI’s The World

Hendrik Hertzberg The Envoy

George Packer In the Company of Holbrooke

John Burns Thirsting for a Role in History

Roger Cohen The Unquiet American

My Prison, My Home

An amazing book by an amazing woman. Here’s my interview with Haleh Esfandiari on PRI’s The World today. A longer version will go in the next episode of my How We Got Here podcast which I hope to get out by the end of the week.

Some good stuff on the show today; here’s the audio.



Yesterday’s fun piece on the pictograms on the Afghan election ballot (and other signifiers).

Don’t miss Lisa Mullins’s interview with Charlie Sennott either.

For that matter, listen to the whole show: