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Mubarak and History

I’ve started doing interviews about the historical context for what we’re seeing in Egypt and other Arab countries.  Here’s today’s radio piece about Mubarak and his political moment. And here is the latest episode of How We Got Here, an interview with Michael Wahid Hanna of The Century Foundation.  I’m planning more episodes on Egypt–if you have historical questions, send them my way and I’ll try to get them answered.

Konbit des Jeunes Penseurs/Gathering of Young Thinkers

My latest Haiti story is about a youth writing group in Port-au-Prince that formed after the earthquake last year. Each week these “young thinkers” get together to read Haitian literature, write their own poems and stories, and talk about their lives and their country’s future.  Here’s the story:


And here’s the group’s website:


Baby Doc Returns

Today’s radio piece:

Haiti One Year On

Here’s Wednesday’s story:

Haiti One Year On, January 12, 2011

Haiti’s reconstruction, one neighborhood at a time

Today’s radio piece about a partnership between Catholic Relief Services and one particular neighborhood in Port-au-Prince.

Awards and Analogies

This week’s stories:

Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize October 9

Herta Muller wins Nobel Liberature Prize October 8

The Vietnam Analogy October 7

Afpak Strategy October 6

Afghan Vote Recount October 5

How We Got Here #29


New history podcast is up–long versions of my interviews this week with Haleh Esfandiari, author of My Prison, My Home and Peter Maass who wrote Crude World: The Violent Twilight of Oil.  There’s also an interview with the Canadian health care expert and former politician Roy Romanow on the origins of the Canadian system. Finally an excerpt that didn’t make it into the radio segment from my interview Tuesday with Anne-Marie Goetz of UNIFEM, The UN Development Fund for Women, about rape as a weapon of war.  I include it in the history podcast  because Goetz includes a great deal of historical perspective in answering the question of why it’s so urgent to address epidemic levels of sexual violence in conflict and post-conflict zones around the world.  More info on HWGH#29 at as soon as I have time to post there.