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Fighting for Darfur by Rebecca Hamilton

The new book Fighting for Darfur: Public Action and the Struggle to Stop Genocide is a wonderfully clear, thoughtful history of the Darfur advocacy movement and its effect on policy.  Rebecca Hamilton stopped by The World‘s studios last Friday and spoke with Marco Werman. The shorter radio interview is here, and the longer version that ran on the history podcast is here.


The Trouble with the Congo

I interviewed political scientist (and former aid worker)  Severine Autesserre about her new book The Trouble with the Congo for How We Got Here #53. She’s done some really interesting work on violence in Congo and the failures of peacebuilding there.

Rwanda’s role in Congo

Jeffrey Gettleman’s NYT piece today helps fill in the picture of what’s known and not known about Rwanda’s ties to Congolese rebel leader Laurent Nkunda and the role Rwanda business interests play in fuelling the conflict in eastern Congo.

Susan Rice

Susan Rice is Obama’s pick for U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.  Here’s my story:



Intended Consequences

That’s the title of photographer Jonathan Torgovnik’s new audio slideshow over at MediaStorm.  It’s about the women who were raped during the Rwandan genocide and the children who resulted from those rapes.  I interviewed Torgovnik earlier this year for my own story about this issue.  He’s passionate and committed and has started an organization called Foundation Rwanda to help fund the educations of these kids.  I keep getting the “buffering video” message so will have to watch later but if it’s up to the usual MediaStorm standards it will be masterful, powerful work.

ICC Troubles

The Guardian has a piece today which suggests a rift among human rights advocates over the performance of the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.

Darfur Five Years On

Richard Just has an excellent if devastating summary of the record on Darfur in The New Republic. Here’s the link:

The Truth Will Not Set You Free: Everything we know about Darfur, and everything we’re not doing about it.