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Nowhere to Turn

That’s the title of a new Physicians for Human Rights study of the impact of rape and sexual violence on Darfuri women refugees living in camps in Chad. Here’s the link to the radio story I filed today after speaking with two of the doctors on the research team:


Here’s the link to the full PHR report:

The lack of basic security in these women’s lives is shocking.


Nobel Women’s Initiative

Mia Farrow writes on her blog today how excited she is to be joining the Nobel Women’s Initiative on a trip to the Thai/Burmese border, South Sudan and Chad. Her fellow travelers include Jody Williams, Wangari Maathai, Sima Simar, Leymah Gwobee, Qing Zhang and Gloria White-Hammond. Would love to be a fly on the wall at dinner time!

Chad August 2007

Mia Farrow and Dream for Darfur

Darfur Refugees

The Camps Three Years On


I’m focusing on two main subjects right now. One is a historical look at how wars end. I’m looking at a handful of different wars to try to understand what factors led to the end of violence and what sort of peace followed. The other is an ongoing reporting project on sexual violence in conflict. I’m interested in where and why it happens and what the medical, humanitarian, legal, and political response looks like.  I started working on it after meeting rape survivors from Darfur in the refugee camps in Chad last August.