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My Prison, My Home

An amazing book by an amazing woman. Here’s my interview with Haleh Esfandiari on PRI’s The World today. A longer version will go in the next episode of my How We Got Here podcast which I hope to get out by the end of the week.

Some good stuff on the show today; here’s the audio.

Catching up

Sorry for the lack of posts. Here are a few recent links:

I hosted today’s show; here’s the audio.

Check out especially the interview with Peter Maass on his new book Crude World: The Violent Twilight of Oil.

Here’s How We Got Here #28 on the nuclear disarmament movement and a shorter radio story on same.

Visit the How We Got Here page anytime by going to http:// Lots of links there on the left to various things including the How We Got Here Facebook Group which is great fun and growing steadily.

Here’s my story on the new UN women’s agency which is also one of the topics in How We Got Here #27.

How We Got Here #26 on the 70th anniversary of the beginning of WWII.