How We Got Here #18


On this week’s podcast: Cars, China, Czechs

There were so many good history pieces on the “big” show this week (PRI’s The World) that I’m giving you a compilation. First Lisa Mullins interviews Giles Chapman on what happened to British automakers four decades ago, and lessons for GM which declared bankruptcy this week. Next a fantastic piece from The World’s Mary Kay Magistad about Chinese efforts to suppress the Tiananmen story.  Mary Kay has a real feel for the politics of historical memory and the implications of letting the story fester untold and she also conveys the ambivalence and uncertainty surrounding the silence in China. Lisa interviews Mary Kay as well which frames the radio story really nicely. And finally a masterful radio story from The World’s Alex Gallafent who’s been venturing way off the beaten path in and around New York City lately. Here he takes us into the heart of the Czech immigrant experience in Manhattan with memories of Bohemian National Hall on the Upper East Side. HERE’S HOW TO LISTEN:

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or listen here.

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