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How We Got Here #13


Mia Farrow talks about her new project The Darfur Archives. She spent four weeks in refugee camps in Chad in January and February collecting oral histories and filming traditional dances, song, stories. She’s collecting artifacts too for a future museum in Darfur dedicated to the ways of life that have been lost there.  

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You can read more about the project at Mia Farrow’s blog.

And here’s a story I did in 2007 about one of Farrow’s many trips to  Chad.

And these days there’s lots of discussion of the history of Darfur at Alex de Waal’s blog Making Sense of Darfur.

Award Season

More nice award news–How Wars End has won the Lowell Thomas Award from the Overseas Press Club of  America. Here’s a link to all the winners:

Kosovo 10 Years On

I wanted to recommend this piece by my pal Altin Raxhimi in Balkan Insight on allegations of atrocities by the Kosovo Liberation Army.

And also this BBC radio documentary by Michael Montgomery with Altin Raxhimi on the same topic.

Dart Awards

I’m honored to be included in this years DART Award winners–check out the announcement and links to all the stories at the Dart Center’s website:

How We Got Here #12


Marco Werman interviews David Paull Nickles about his book Under the Wire: How the Telegraph Changed Diplomacy.

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How We Got Here #11


This week marks the 15th anniversary of the beginning of the Rwandan genocide. This week’s podcast looks at how the events are remembered and memorialized.  

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