Compensation for Banja Luka’s destroyed mosques

Last Friday a court in Bosnia ordered the Bosnia Serb authorities to pay more than 30 million Euros in compensation for the 16 mosques destroyed in Banja Luka during the Bosnian war. Bosnian Serb officials are appealing the decision. Here’s a BBC story and a piece at For background listen to the radio story I produced last year about  the destruction of the most famous mosque, the Ferhadija, and the restoration it is undergoing today. There’s a slideshow as well.  I’m hoping to find time to do a bit more reporting about what sort of legal precedent this represents and its implications for other cases of cultural destruction in the Balkans and beyond.


2 responses to “Compensation for Banja Luka’s destroyed mosques

  1. What’s the mechanism that will force the Bosnian Serb authorities to pay the compensation? What’s to keep them from refusing to follow the court order?

  2. Yes–a crucial question!

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