How We Got Here


I’m pleased to announce the launch of How We Got Here, a new history podcast from PRI’s The World. Each week I plan to choose one item or topic in the news and delve into the history behind it. This week, with all the talk of diplomacy with Iran, I go back to one of the biggest sore points in US-Iranian relations–the 1953 coup in which the CIA helped oust Iran’s democratically-elected prime minister Mohammed Mossadegh.  To subscribe please go to  If you do give a listen I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. You can send them to  Or you can always leave word here.

Huge thanks to The World’s Clark Boyd who has coached me through the process of starting a podcast–from cajoling me to shed the stiffness of the radio-reporter persona (to the supposedly more-the-real-Jeb podcast persona), to navigating the metadata, file sizes and ftp minutiae.  Clark paved the way here at The World with his much-loved Tech Podcast and now spends a good deal of time teaching the rest of us how to get started.


One response to “How We Got Here

  1. Congrats on a great beginning. This piece helps me understand better why the Iranian govt has arrested, tried and sentenced several professionals recently, including two AIDS doctors, on the preposterous charge of fomenting a velvet revolution through attending HIV conferences.

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