I did a piece about Richard Holbrooke’s appointment as “‘Special Representative” to Afghanistan and Pakistan on Friday’s show.  Marco Werman followed with an interview with Rory Stewart of the Carr Center at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government who was skeptical about the wisdom of increasing U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan. There’s good coverage elsewhere: Helene Cooper takes in the Afghanistan quagmire in yesterday’s NYT and Laura Rozen at The Cable reports on why India was left out of Holbrooke’s brief.  There’s an interesting debate about how active the U.S. should be in trying to help solve the Kashmir problem. Some say solving Kashmir is an essential piece of the puzzle. Others fear U.S. attention to Kashmir will only exacerbate the problem and provoke hardliners.

Also–here’s Spencer Ackerman on the wisdom of those extra 30,000 troops…


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