Who knew? The Office of the Historian at the State Department publishes something called the Foreign Relations of the United States, a series of volumes documenting the official history of U.S. Foreign Policy.  It’s referred to as “FRUS” which is pronounced “Fruice.”  Last week Stephen Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists published a blog entry describing “a tense and adversarial” meeting of the Department’s Historical Advisory Committee at which the chairman resigned after reading into the record a letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice detailing his and the committee’s concerns about the State Department Historian’s alleged mismanagement of the office and its expected effects on the quality, integrity and timeliness of the FRUS.  (That last sentence of mine would NEVER have gotten past a radio editor.) Aftergood’s post includes the letter and supporting documents as well as emails between the chairman and the Historian’s boss Assistant Secretary of State Sean McCormack; the result is a remarkably full account of the issues. For a quicker but less detailed version, check out the (3 minute 48 second) radio story I did today:



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  2. Douglas Selvage has posted yet another update at History News Network.

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