Congo Updates

Alarm bells keep ringing on North Kivu:

AP: UN investigating war crimes.

Reuters: Civilians flee to Uganda.

CNN: The number of girls being raped has increased sharply since fighting intensified in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a humanitarian group said Tuesday.

Reuters: Belgium could contribute to “bridging force” in the DRC.

The issue is that the U.N. has approved more peacekeeping troops but they’ll take months to deploy. Advocates are calling for a European force to bridge the gap.  Their point: Civilians need protection now.


One response to “Congo Updates

  1. Hi,
    I have just found your blog. I am an humanitarian worker in Goma, DRC. I´ve read the news posted here
    We work on SGBV and it´s great info for advocacy purposes, thanks for the work. It´s a pty my internet speed is not good enough to hear it.
    I´m running a blog on the current situation in North Kivu, if you are interested:
    All the best

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