The official transition website is up.


6 responses to “www.change.gov

  1. Celebrate Diversity

    Celebrate Diversity

    Rosa sat so Martin could walk
    Martin walked so Obama could run
    Obama ran so our children could fly

  2. Am extremely exhilarated by the success of the great OBAMA. He is the begining of the transformation the world needs. I believe that OBAMA will bring the much needed change to the political,physical and military atrocities in Africa as well as the economic woes of America and the political tension in the middle east.

  3. We believe so much in Obama here in Africa, and I strongly believe that the much needed change has come and it’s through OBAMA.

  4. Obama wil be faced with oppositions but thats only neccessary for the change to be effective.

  5. I don’t know which was more AWESOME, Obama winning the presidency or Obama standing before millions around the world, professing his love for his wife and children.

  6. I’m from Illinois. Obama did nothing for our state. When he was elected in office we were 400 million in debt. When he left his position to run for president, we were still 400 million in debt. So what will he do different for america??? The same, nothing….

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