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Christine Gorman blogs from Malawi

Christine Gorman has just posted a series of entries on her blog about her global health reporting project on nursing in Malawi. (She was off-line in the rural north for awhile but now she’s back in range and has back-posted a whole bunch of stuff.) If you haven’t been following her, you should really start from the beginning with the description of her reporting project and then read through all the entries since her arrival in Malawi mid-June. There’s a nice combo of seriousness but also lightness of tone on the blog. The posts are worth reading not just for what she’s focusing on in her research (the state of health care and the nursing profession in Malawi) but for her observations on her own journalistic process including her transition from veteran print reporter to multimedia freelancer now recording audio and shooting pictures as well as taking notes. Her self-deprecating anecdotes are both funny and instructive. And it’s lovely to have the feeling of perching on a fellow journalist’s shoulder as she goes about her work, taking stock of what she’s finding, saving up questions she still wants to ask, thinking out loud about what’s important in the interviews and scenes she’s scooping up to help her tell her tale.  Check it out.

War Crimes Suspects

Today’s show opened with a parade of war crimes suspects of one sort or another: a report from the Hamdan proceedings in Guantanamo Bay, an update on Karadzic’s trail in Belgrade and a snapshot of at Al Bashir on tour in Darfur.

I also meant to post this piece from Monday just setting up the broad issues in the Hamdan trial.

Sexual Violence and Global Health

Another riveting, troubling, call-to-action speech by Stephen Lewis of AIDS-Free World.

Perceptions of Strength

Read Samantha Power on “The Democrats and National Security” in  The New York Review of Books.

More on Karadzic

A few more details came out today as well as lots more reaction to the news of Radovan Karadzic’s arrest. Here’s the piece I did for PRI’s The World.

Karadzic Arrested




Nobel Women’s Initiative

Mia Farrow writes on her blog today how excited she is to be joining the Nobel Women’s Initiative on a trip to the Thai/Burmese border, South Sudan and Chad. Her fellow travelers include Jody Williams, Wangari Maathai, Sima Simar, Leymah Gwobee, Qing Zhang and Gloria White-Hammond. Would love to be a fly on the wall at dinner time!