Just back from another reporting trip for how wars end—this time to Washington for interviews about the 1991 Gulf War, the Bosnian War and the current Iraq War. This coming week I’ll be in Virginia researching the end of the Civil War. I have suddenly reached the point in the project where I can begin to imagine and hear the final segments. For a while there I was simply lost in a fog of trying to do too much at once: read up on the conflicts themselves, plan travel and interviews, execute said travel and interviews, and stay abreast of my other responsibilities for the show. Until one starts collecting and amassing the material one needs for something like this the whole ideas feels tenuous. I am happy to report that it no longer does so.  I remember hitting a similar moment in doing other longer-term projects, including my history of Iraq and my history of US-Iranian relations. 

On another topic, I have made a page for links to my stories about sexual violence in conflict, including last week’s breakthrough at the U.N. Security Council. I realized it was time to start gathering them in one place as I think about what angles to pursue next. 


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