Today’s offering is a look at U.S. policy in Somalia following a U.S. airstrike that killed a leader of the Shabaab (and others).  My story is best heard after Marco Werman’s interview of the BBC’s Adam Mynott.

Here are a few Somalia links too:

BBC Somalia Crisis page

Refugees International Report 

Human Rights Watch on Somalia

International Crisis Group on Somalia 

U.S. State Department on Somalia

3 responses to “Somalia

  1. Keep up the great work. I love this “behind the scenes” glimpse at what you are doing…thinking… as well as all the reference links. I know it must be difficult to juggle a gazillion-and-one-things, but urge you to continue to blog and “Tweet” away.

    Moreover, I am a big fan of transparency and authenticity, and that clearly comes through here in the blog as well as on your Twitter account.

    With time I am sure you will find your users/listeners/followers/community an invaluable resource.

    I only wish we could convince more WBUR reporters and producers to follow your lead!

  2. Your blog is truly inspirational. Thanks for all the references and links in this post and many others.

    I’m working on another side of the story, with a community media project in the Twin Cities where Somalis will tell stories about how to lead healthy lives here in the US. They have one eye on what is happening in Somalia, while wholeheartedly working to build strong community here. We’ve just begun the work at the local level. Here’s a bit about it:

  3. Thanks for all the encouragement! Egal Shidad sounds intriguing. This is just the sort of information and conversation I was hoping for when I started the blog.

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